Grayson County Sheriff's Office arrest two in paving scams

GRAYSON COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Grayson County Sheriff Deputies are urging people to watch out for scammers targeting the elderly. Deputies recently arrested two men 45 year old Timothy Hamilton and 18 year old Jonathan Hamilton who have been scamming senior citizens out of tens of thousands of dollars to do paving work.

Tony Shaffner said his family member was scammed out of $2,500 for paving the driveway of her home. The scammers told Shaffner's family member they work for V-DOT and they had left over asphalt. Shaffner said after viewing the work, he's speaking out because he wants to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else in the community.

"It seems senseless to risk being charged with a crime," Shaffner said.

Investigators say the men had been in the area for about 6 months and complaints about seniors being scammed started coming in about 3 weeks ago. Vaughn says the sheriff's office responded to reports of a person who passed away at the Hamiltons' home in fries in late September. He said he saw the dump truck, outside, used in the paving scams.

After getting a search warrant to get inside, that's where Vaughn saw all the paperwork used for scams in the area. Vaughn is urging seniors to make sure they've done their homework before hiring anyone to do paving work.

"If they're living alone, and they're outside the house and somebody pulls up there go back in the house and shut the door," he said.  

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