Grayson County looks to upgrade school security


INDEPENDENCE (WSLS10) Grayson County Public Schools plan to install new security equipment in next few months to help keep children safe.

The system plans to spend about $85,000 in part due to a state grant from the Virginia Department of Education for extra security equipment.

Robbie Patton has been the principal at Grayson County High School for about a year  and he said extra equipment like cameras are necessary because of how large the campus.

"Cameras come in very handy for a school, if something happens, you can go back and see what happened and it helps us gain information," Patton said.

Other equipment includes a buzz and entry system at the school, two way radios for teachers who are in buildings not connected to the high school as well as a two way intercom system at the Career and Technical Education Center, CATE, which would allow teachers to communicate with the office in case there's an emergency.

"The safety of the campus and the kids is a number one priority,"  Patton said.

Leaders in the central office are glad to spend that money  from the Virginia department of education to help make sure children are safe.

They say otherwise upgrades wouldn't have been possible, because they're expensive.

"You can't put a price on the safety and security of our students of our staff and our community and we're extremely grateful, Michelle Bane, the Grayson County Schools Federal and State Records clerk said.

Parents who have children inside Grayson County Schools are glad to know the school system is taking extra precaution to keep children safe.

"Adding these features in public places where parents can't always be there to make sure they're safe, I think it's a great move forward," Jerry Perry, one parent said.

School leaders said the new security equipment should be installed by March of 2016.

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