How a family owned chocolate business survived the 1985 flood and more

By Patricia Martellotti - Reporter

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - One local chocolate business has endured many obstacles, including the flood of 1985 to get to where it is now.

As customers flood into the popular family-owned store, owner Melissa Palmer reflects on the day the store was destroyed by the 100-year flood in 1985.

At the time, the now chocolatepaper was a store that sold greeting cards at the Roanoke City Market Building.

After the flood, Palmer and her family didn't give up. Her uncle reopened the store.

This time, with some sweetness to their business.

"He didn't have chocolate. He always wanted to add chocolate to business," explained  Palmer.

"They're strong, made a solid foundation in Roanoke just thankful I know them," said customer Hal Cones.

Today, chocolatepaper thrives with more than 200 kinds of chocolates imported from all over the world as well as locally made chocolates.

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