Is your holiday trash attracting crooks?

By Brie Jackson - Weekend Anchor / Reporter
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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Is your holiday trash putting you at risk for crime? Police are reminding people to be careful about how they dispose of those unwrapped boxes because putting items curbside could be inviting crooks.

"T he assumption that you could be the victim of a burglary based on something someone sees in your overflowing trash can is a good assumption", said Scott Leamon, Roanoke City spokesperson. "You have to think like the bad guy."

Bad people may see empty boxes as a reason to burglarize your home because it provides clues to big screen tv's and other valuables inside the home. Authorities suggest cutting down large boxes so they fit inside bins to prevent criminals from seeing what you unwrapped for Christmas.

"Roanoke city residents have two different bins," said Leamon. "They have one for recycling and one for your normal stuff. That allows you more to put in there."

For those areas that may not offer curbside recycling, recycling stations may be an option. For instance, there are several locatiosn in Roanoke County where you can bring your items and drop them off for free.

Sherry Taylor came to a recycling station to drop off trash from the holidays. She said she has seen neighbors leave empty boxes outside which advertise electronics and other pricey presents inside their homes.

"I mean it's crazy. Big screen tv's" she said. "I don't want someone breaking into my house to get my t.v.".

Police say you can prevent thefts from happening by getting rid of your trash or keeping your bin closed tight so people cant see what your throwing away which could make it harder for a real-life Grinch to steal your stuff.

Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved