Students react to Liberty University's move to the Football Bowl Subdivision

By Rob Manch - Reporter

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - The big move up in divisions for Liberty University's football team has drummed up excitement among students on campus.

Freshman Nathan Rambo and Senior Lee Parish say the move has them excited for the future at Liberty.

"I think that will be a real attraction to newer students, newer athletes, and really draw more people in," said Rambo.

"More income for the school. We're always like needing money, we're always having new students coming in," said Parish.

We also heard from Luke Dillard, the Sports Editor at the Liberty Champion, in an email.

"People have definitely looked down on the Liberty program because of their FCS classification, and now they will no longer be able to do that. It was a momentous day," said Dillard.

"As a student body it will mean more, not in the sense that we would or wouldn't support our team as much, but I think the games will be more meaningful in the sense of, ok this team is coming, they're bigger named," said Rambo.

Even though the school won't be officially bowl-eligible until 2019, for students like Parrish and Rambo, the excitement is already here.

The athletics program at Liberty has grown steadily since it began in 1972.

In his email, Dillard said he hopes Liberty can one day be for Protestant Christians what Notre Dame University is today for Catholics.

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