Two people dead after suspicious overdoses in Amherst County

Amherst public safety called in extra help to handle the Sunday night calls

AMHERST, Va. – Sunday was busy for Amherst County’s first responders.

Sheriff deputies and paramedics were called to multiple overdoses that left two people dead.

“I don’t know what kind of drugs were used. All I can do is speculate until we get toxicology reports back, but it was definitely overdoses on four people,” said Sheriff E.W. Viar.

In the span of two hours, dispatchers were receiving calls with the same descriptions.

“We had people that were unresponsive and not breathing well, and that just made us suspicious of those nature calls,” said the county’s public safety director, Samuel Bryant.

Bryant also said that about 10 calls were coming in that evening while seven of eight ambulances were out on calls.

Because the county’s resources were spread so thin, Bryant said that Lynchburg and Monelison fire agencies had to help.

“They sent us two ambulances. We had two patients at one scene, but between public safety and the volunteer fire and EMS providers in Amherst County it all came together,” Bryant said.

Viar said first responders used Narcan in all of the cases, but they were only able to save some.

“I urge everyone not to mess with drugs first of all, and not to use drugs. But if you do use drugs be careful of who your source is because we don’t know what they’re lacing it with,” Viar said.

Lynchburg police tell 10 News they had three sudden death calls this weekend, but what caused those deaths is still under investigation.

Police also said there were two overdoses where the wrong medication was accidentally ingested.

Centra officials tell 10 News they saw 10 patients in the hospital between Saturday and Monday.

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