Roanoke organization in need of donations to help homeless

The Least of These Ministry needs money, warm clothing

ROANOKE, Va. – After helping 13 people stay warm Tuesday night, a Roanoke nonprofit is in need of donations to continue its work.

The Least of These Ministry paid for those individuals to stay in a hotel so they wouldn’t be at risk of freezing to death on the streets.

Now, donations of money and warm clothing, such as gloves and coats, are needed as the ministry is running low on items to distribute.

“We’re all humans. The homeless people are human beings and they deserve to be treated as such. I think sometimes we fail to realize that a lot of the reasons people are homeless are not because they have made poor choices or it’s consequences that they deserve,” ministry founder Dawn Sandoval said.

With record cold Wednesday, more than a month before the start of winter, she expects the ministry we need a lot of help between now and spring.

“It’s early to be this cold, so we can expect that we’re going to need to put people up in these frigid temperatures quite a bit between now and spring,” Sandoval said. “That takes quite a bit of funding.”

To donate to the ministry, click here.

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