Caretaker convicted of stealing $77,000 from client with disabilities

Brandi Floyd found guilty of 11 felony counts


LYNCHBURG, Va. – A former caretaker was found guilty of taking advantage of her mentally and physically disabled client in the form of embezzlement and credit card fraud, totaling about $77,000.

On Tuesday a Lynchburg judge found Brandi Floyd guilty of seven felony counts of credit card fraud and four felony counts of embezzlement. The court dismissed two additional charges of financial exploitation of a mentally incapacitated individual, according to the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Floyd was working as the client’s caretaker when she used several of the client’s credit cards. Evidence from the trial showed that while the client usually maintained a zero balance on her credit cards, in 2015, things started to look different when Floyd took possession of the cards, according to the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

The outstanding balance grew to more than $20,000 and included charges for things like car insurance and repairs, entertainment and out-of-town hotels. The victim never owned a vehicle and did not travel, according to the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Floyd also gained access to two of the victim’s checking accounts and paid herself for hours that she had not worked, according to the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

All of the client’s financial losses, for which Floyd was convicted, total about $77,000.

Floyd will be formally sentenced on Dec. 23.

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