Criminal justice expert offers tips for public to help capture Michael Brown

Searches for Brown took place in multiple locations across Roanoke Friday

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – As authorities continue to follow up on leads in their hunt for Michael Brown, former police officer and retired Radford University professor Dr. Tod Burke says you can help by keeping your eyes and ears open.

“People really need to pay attention to animals, particularly to barking dogs. Barking dogs are a tell-tale sign that something’s going on. They not only notify the neighbors and the owners, but they notify other dogs and all the other dogs will be barking as well. You can kind of follow a trail of where the individual or individuals are moving," Burke said.

Don’t be unreasonable, though.

“I don’t think people should be overly paranoid when they’re walking the streets or whatever, but they should just pay attention,” Burke said.

Loitering is something else to pay attention to.

“What seems like, ‘Oh, this person’s just hanging around,’ they may be hiding,” said Burke.

Time is of the essence.

“The longer the time delay from the initial incident to the time of apprehension, that poses additional issues, additional problems for searching because the person can go anywhere," Burke said.

Aside from keeping an eye out, keep all doors, including car doors, locked, even if you’re only going to be out of your car for a few minutes.

Profiling Brown, he would be described as a 22-year-old white man, 6 feet tall and 145 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

His behavior on the run, Burke said, is difficult to profile, however.

“Everybody reacts a little bit differently. You’ll have some that may just tire out and turn themselves in. You may have others that are going to be extremely desperate and take desperate measures. That includes harm to themselves, harm to others, harm to law enforcement," said Burke.

According to law enforcement, Brown should be considered armed and dangerous.

Brown’s military experience as a Marine could be a factor in his behavior, something law enforcement may consider as they try to track him down.

“It does heighten the awareness, (making you say), ‘Well, here’s a potential. Here’s something we may want to be aware of. Are there any traps that have been set,'" Burke said. "Unfortunately, too often this doesn’t end well, but it doesn’t mean it won’t.”

With Brown still on the run, how it will end is anybody’s guess.

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to Brown’s arrest.