Local woman calls it self-defense after two men are shot, stabbed in her Brookneal home

Deputies say charges could be filed at end of investigation

BROOKNEAL, Va. – “Yeah, real tough,” Bethany Thompson, said.

Tough isn’t enough to describe what Thompson experienced in her home early Tuesday morning.

“To be honest, I thought it was going to be my life getting taken. I’ve never been put in this situation at all, never,” Thompson, said.

Thompson said Jose Ortiz brought Eric Cazares, both from Georgia, to visit her boyfriend, Brandon.

The pair had been staying in their Brookneal home for the last two days.

She said she didn’t know Cazares well.

“He knows that I don’t like company. He was like that they’re cool, but obviously not so great on the other hand,” Thompson, said.

Police said Cazares and Ortiz got into an altercation and things escalated.

“Male subject is advising that he was stabbed by a friend,” a dispatcher told police over the radio.

Thompson said the fight broke out in their front yard.

Shortly after, Thompson says, Cazares kicked in the house door, threatening the couple with the same knife.

“I was nervous as hell. I have three little kids, one, two, four. Of course, you know I’m trying to get back to my room to make sure that they don’t get hurt,” Thompson, said.

The mother said her boyfriend repeatedly told Cazares to leave, but he wouldn’t.

She says, with the knife in hand, Cazares lunged at her boyfriend one last time, before he shot him.

“I mean it was all self-defense,” Thompson said.

She says Cazares eventually left their property, walking from Marshall Street to Charlotte Street where police found him in a neighbor’s car.

“The subject ... he’s got a knife and he won’t put his hands …” a police officer said on the scene.

Investigators are saying this was an isolated incident, while Thompson says her boyfriend had a decision to make.

“Of course, he’s probably thinking right now what am I looking at? What did I do? But he knows why he done it. And that was to protect his family,” Thompson said.

Deputies say Ortiz was treated and released. Cazares is still in critical condition.

Charges could be filed at the end of the investigation, according to deputies.

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