Newly elected sheriffs attend educational sessions in Lynchburg

Sheriffs to be sworn-in next year

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Newly elected sheriffs in the region are learning what it takes to be the “boss” before their swearing-in next year.

Organizers with the Virginia Law Enforcement Sheriff’s Office held a New Sheriff’s School in Lynchburg on Wednesday.

The new sheriffs-elect are learning about unlawful employment, risk management issues, policy and procedures as well as budgeting.

Organizers said many of the new elects aren’t coming with a full understanding of the job and what it entails.

They say this is a service to them and the community.

“...It’s for the best interest for the citizens of the Commonwealth, for these people to be properly educated, give them the proper resources to be successful, because everybody’s safety is on the line. And you want these people to do well,” said Brian Roberts, the president of Virginia Law Enforcement Sheriff’s Office and Brunswick County Sheriff.

Roberts said new sheriffs-elect will go home with manuals. He hopes they’ll continue to build relationships.

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