Brown’s attorney: Michael knew he had support out there, is doing OK

Attorney Deborah Caldwell-Bono is thankful the manhunt ended in ‘peaceful conclusion’

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. – After a manhunt ensued for nearly three weeks, the Marine accused of murdering his mother’s boyfriend is finally in custody.

During the manhunt, Michael Brown’s friends hired attorney Deborah Caldwell-Bono to represent him.

She quickly made a plea for Brown to turn himself in, pointing to support from his friends and family.

10 News caught up with Caldwell-Bono on Wednesday night, shortly after she wrapped up speaking with Brown.

While she didn’t go into a great amount of detail, Caldwell-Bono said she’s spoken with Brown and that he’s doing ok. She said police did not interrogate him until she arrived.

Brown’s mother and grandmother both came to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office trying to meet with him.

Brown’s mother told 10 News that she was able to speak with him, and she’s thankful no one else was hurt through this manhunt.

Caldwell-Bono spent about four hours at the Sheriff’s Office.

After a Wednesday morning news conference in which investigators didn’t give a clear answer about whether Brown turned himself in, 10 News posed the same question to Caldwell-Bono.

While Caldwell-Bono wouldn’t say whether or not Brown turned himself in, Brown yelled “yes” to 10 News reporters when asked.

“I think it helped for him to decide what to do and how to handle it, knowing he had people out here that were going to be helping him and a lot of support from the community," said Caldwell-Bono.

Many have been asking about rumors about possible abuse between Michael Brown and his mother’s boyfriend, Rodney Brown.

“When it all comes out in court, we will find the allegations to be true,” said Caldwell-Bono.

Investigators have remained tight-lipped about that subject.

The Sheriff would not confirm where Brown will go next, but Caldwell-Bono said we will be transferred to Western Virginia Regional Jail.

Courts are closed on Monday, and Caldwell-Bono said he will likely waive his arraignment hearing because those details have already been hashed out. She says Brown will most likely not be in court next week.

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