‘No tree can self-combust:’ Tips to remember before Christmas tree shopping

Fire marshals say keep your tree away from heat sources, open-flame candles

BEDFORD, Va. – “No tree can self-combust,” that’s the advice from fire experts as many people will start their Christmas tree shopping soon.

Bedford County fire officials are warning homeowners to be mindful of where people put their trees.

Fire marshals said to keep your tree away from heat sources and open-flame candles.

Christmas tree experts also said when heading to the tree farm remember there are types of trees that dry out quicker than others.

"Make sure you water the tree at least daily, if not twice a daily,” said fire marshal Leo George.

"The cedars and the spruces don’t last as long. The pines and the furs last the longest, not only in freshness but in fire safety also,” said battalion chief Richard Miles.

Fire officials also suggest you inspect your Christmas lights, look for damaged wires and properly use indoor and outdoor Christmas lights.