Fellow Roanoke County firefighters serve as family at fireman’s daughter’s baby dedication

Five firefighters took time out of their shift to attend ceremony

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – November 17 was an important day for Roanoke County firefighter Lt. Drew Willis.

“Our church was doing baby dedications," Willis said. "Baby dedications are a ceremony where a family says they will try their best to raise their children in Christian beliefs.”

As he and his wife and their two children walked to the front of Valley Church’s sanctuary for the ceremony, family members were invited to join.

Five of Willis’ fellow firefighters came forward.

“It was a surprise. It was a good surprise,” Willis said.

With most of his family in Memphis, having his firefighter family there meant a lot, especially because they took time out of their shift to be there.

“It is very humbling when your crew comes up to take the place, or help fill the void of family, because we spend a third of our life at the fire station, so they are a big part of our family,” said Willis.

Glen Greer was one of the firefighters there.

“I would say it was a privilege to know that we were able to step in,” Greer said.

He said treating each other like family is important.

“Every day, we put our lives on the line, really. Knowing that we have each other’s back is everything," Greer said.

“It really does help our bond,” Willis said.

A bond that will last a lifetime.

Sunday morning Service

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Posted by Valley Church on Sunday, November 17, 2019

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