Roanoke County celebrates Christmas season with annual tree lighting

The annual tradition brings families together around the holiday

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Roanoke County got into the holiday spirit Monday night, celebrating Christmas with the annual Christmas tree lighting at the South County Library.

The weather cooperated for the event and even dropped a few flurries on the crowd. Lots of kids gathered to count down from ten to light the tree. There were musical performances and activities for family and friends. Santa even made an appearance on a firetruck driving by.

The annual tradition is meant to get people into the holiday spirit after Thanksgiving. People came from out of town to celebrate with each other, including Shelley Frey of Pennyslvania who came to Roanoke to spend time with her grandchildren.

I thought it was beautiful, it was really nice, it’s nice to see people come out with their kids and it’s nice that the community puts these events on for people so that they can be active with their family," Frey said.

There was also plenty of marshmallow roasting and other things to do inside the library to stay warm if the cold weather wasn’t in the cards. Roanoke County also continues it’s Illuminights show at Explore Park throughout the holiday season.

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