Christmas Store opens this week to help families in Montgomery County

It’s open to approved eligible shoppers by appointment only

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – The Montgomery County Christmas Store is open this week in Christiansburg. Inside is all the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping.

Terri-Lynn Howard is one of the many volunteers to make it possible.

“This is our happy season,” said Howard.

The space is set up like a department store, complete with toys, clothes and food. It’s open to approved eligible shoppers by appointment only.

“We serve children in school, seniors over 62 and disabled people,” said Howard.

As an empty-nester, Howard looks forward to this week every year.

“My Christmas is this week at the store,” said Howard.

Patricia Atkinson went shopping for her family at the store on Tuesday morning.

“They love it. It makes my day to see them smile,” said Atkinson.

She’s a mother of three and was recently laid off from her job.

“They probably would have gotten a present or two. I work outside and it controls my pay. If it wasn’t for them the kids probably wouldn’t have a Christmas,” said Atkinson.

“It just makes you happy if you find out how blessed you are and how much you have and how you want to share with those who don’t have,” said Howard.

The Christmas store is on track to help 1,100 families this year. Howard says the budget for the store is $271,000. In 2019, she says 76% of it came from people writing checks.

Visit their website for more information.

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