Danville private school closes amid threat made toward private Christian schools in Virginia

Police advised local private Christian schools to stay alert, vigilant

A school in Danville canceled class after a potential threat against private Christian schools across Virginia.

Westover Christian Academy closed schools Wednesday due to the potential threat. The Danville Police Department got word of the threat on Tuesday, and informed both Westover and Sacred Heart Catholic School about the threat Wednesday morning.

Authorities said the threat did not come from the Southside area and was not directed at any specific school in the area. According to police, the increased police presence was just a precaution.

“It would be awful if we had this information, did not make them aware, and did not ask them to be a little more vigilant and then something actually did happen," said Lt. Richard Chivvis of the Danville Police Department. “We have to think of the worst case scenarios in these types of situations and prepare our community.”

Unlike Westover, Sacred Heart Catholic School did not close, but it did take extra precautions.

Danville police say the threat originated in the Appomattox and Campbell County area, but it spread quickly among law enforcement agencies in the region in order to prevent an incident.

“In law enforcement and in business, the communication is so important," Chivvis said. "Often times, the communication is what fails the most. Anything that we can do to improve communication and make communication effective is great.”

Schools in other areas, including Roanoke, were aware of the threat. Some took extra precautions as well. A Roanoke Catholic official told 10 News that while an updated security camera system and a vigilant staff are great deterrents in general, the staff kept “an extra eye” on parking lots and public areas on Wednesday.

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