Henry County authorities: despite social media rumors, no abductions or attempted adbuctions have taken place

Report of subject watching two teenage girls determined to be non threat


HENRY COUNTY, Va. – Authorities in Henry County want to reassure the community after social media rumors have caused concern.

There have been no recent abductions or attempted abductions in the Henry County area, despite social media rumors, according to the Henry County Sheriff’s Office.

On Friday, the Sheriff’s Office received a report that someone was watching two teenage girls in the parking lot located at 2710 Greensboro Road in the Ridgeway area of Henry County.

The person was also allegedly communicating with someone else via a walkie talkie. This turned out to be false, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

After investigating further, reviewing video, and interviewing the man, authorities learned that the man was actually using his cell phone and is a known acquaintance of one of the girls and her parents.

The man’s story was corroborated through video surveillance. He was not a threat to anyone, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say inaccurate information about this incident was circulated on social media, causing lots of concern and even panic in some cases.

Authorities emphasized again that at this time, there is no evidence of a verifiable threat.

The Sheriff’s Office recognizes the urgency in reporting emergencies or public safety situations and encourages citizens to call 911 first before posting about an incident on social media.

As an added precaution during the busy holiday season, the Sheriff’s Office has added additional patrols to the shopping and commercial areas.

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