VDOT prepares for icy, dangerous road conditions

Friday’s mix of ice and rain will make travel more dangerous

ROANOKE, Va. – Along with colder temperatures comes the chance for ice and dangerous road conditions.

You can see the Virginia Department of Transportation’s lines of defense against the ice on highways across southwest Virginia.

Crews spent Thursday pre-treating the roads with brine -- a liquid anti-icing solution -- along major highways, like Interstates 81, 77 and 581, as well as major highways like 460.

VDOT spokesperson Jen Ward says usually, crews wouldn’t brine the highways with rain in the forecast.

“When it rains, it just washes the brine off. So, the basic application doesn’t stay. So, we need that dry weather for that brine to be effective,” said Ward.

But because there’s a chance for sleet and ice, VDOT wants to take those precautions.

“When you have air temperature and road temperature both impacting things, which is what we’re expecting (Friday) morning, that’s when you get your icy roads,” said Ward. “Even if there’s rain that falls, the roadways can still ice over.”

Ward says drivers need to be wary when they hit the roads on Friday and look out for downed trees or debris and icy patches.

“A lot of times, you’ll see wet roadway and it looks like it’s wet, but it’s actually ice. Especially in those higher elevations, bridges and over-passes ice up fairly quickly as well," said Ward.

Ward reminds drivers to plan for extra travel time.

“You just gotta take it easy and take it slow," said Ward.

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