Gleaning for the World loads 3,800th truck for Hurricane Dorian victims

Supplies will help hurricane victims in Wilmington, North Carolina

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Gleaning for the World is celebrating big numbers in its 21 years of existence.

On Tuesday, volunteers with the organization loaded their 3,800th truck.

Supplies loaded onto the 18-wheeler are going out to Hurricane Dorian victims in Wilmington, North Carolina who are still rebuilding months later.

“They’re also staying with their friends, and their neighbors, their relatives to be able to have a place to stay because they’re not able to go home yet. That’s why we’re continuing to give items like the trash bags, the cleanup supplies, the paper plates to help those who are still dealing with the aftermath of Dorian,” Teresa Davis, communications director, said.

Later in the week, Gleaning for the World will send another shipment to Nigeria or Guatemala.