Lynchburg man to spend 20 years in prison for stabbing another man after he bumped into him

Victim to have lifelong pain, complications from injuries

Jamel Davis
Jamel Davis (Blue Ridge Regional Jail)

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A local man will spend facing 20 years in prison for stabbing another man in 2018.

A Lynchburg Circuit Court judge sentenced Jamel Davis to 20 active years of imprisonment on Wednesday for aggravated malicious wounding in connection with a stabbing that happened on Sept. 22, 2018.

The Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the city of Lynchburg, Bethany Harrison, released the following details about the incident:

Officers responded to 1504 Longview Road in the James Crossing apartment complex and found a man bleeding in the stairwell of a building.

The victim told police that Davis bumped into him in the apartment breezeway, so the victim asked Davis where his “manners” were.

Davis started cursing at the victim, to which the victim responded, ‘Why do you have to be like that?’

Davis then stabbed the victim in his stomach, thigh, hand, arm and neck.

Authorities interviewed Davis the night of the attack. He said he got into a fight with the victim and had to get the victim off of him.

Davis had no visible injuries.

The victim, who has visible scars, testified that he went through months of rehab and still experiences pain from the attack. He was hospitalized twice in the past three months due to complications relating to the stab wounds to his stomach. He is expected to have lifelong pain and an increased risk of digestive complications from the trauma to his intestines.

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