“We have arisen, and we have rebuilt”: Pulaski church sanctuary destroyed by fire reopens

Pulaski Church of God had been without sanctuary since it burned down in 2017

PULASKI, Va. – The Pulaski of Church of God finally has a new building it can call home, and it was christened on the Sunday before Christmas.

“We have, for nearly three years, labored through the pain and the emotional trauma of losing facilities with so many dear memories,” Pulaski Church of God Pastor Donald Jones told his congregation.

The church’s sanctuary burned to the ground in January 2017, leaving church members to worship in an auxiliary building spared from the flames.

“We have arisen, and we have rebuilt for the glory of God,” Jones said.

Church members say they’re happy to have a permanent place to worship again.

“The fire was heartbreaking, but this is a day of rejoicing," said Billy Fields, who has been a member of the Pulaski Church of God for more than a decade. "It’s a day of thanksgiving, and it makes it extra special that it’s so close to Christmas.”

During the service, Jones honored the four main fire departments that extinguished the fire and saved the Church of God’s adjoining building. Jones presented the chiefs of the Pulaski, Dublin, Newbern, and Draper fire departments with plaques and $1,000 checks for each department.

“The plaque says, ‘Thank you for your service and our safety,’” Jones said.

The sanctuary opened in time for Pulaski Church of God to celebrate its 100th anniversary this year. However, construction on the rest of building is not expected to be completed until March.

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