Hundreds of kids celebrate world’s largest bouncy ball drop in Roanoke

ROANOKE, Va. – Hundreds came out for the world’s largest bouncy ball drop on Tuesday to ring in the new year a bit early.

The celebration happened at the Berglund Center at noon, giving kids a special, earlier way to celebrate the New Year.

The drop featured more than 100,000 bouncy balls, which those in attendance were able to keep.

Organizers said this was the largest indoor release of bouncy balls in history.

While it didn’t go exactly as planned, kids still had a great time.

"Oh, it's awesome. Having a kid up till midnight can be pretty taxing the next day. And so it's really fun there's something at noon they get to countdown to for themselves," said Jessica Terifay, who brought her kids to the ball drop.

Proceeds from the event benefit Children’s Trust.

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