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Lynchburg coffee shop now offering local beer tap

Shop currently offers four taps, hopes to expand to 20-tap system

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A local coffee shop is brewing up new ways to gain more customers.

Mission House Coffee in Lynchburg now has beer on the menu.

The owner tells us customers can use a prepaid card to taste one of the local beers offered.

You'll pay based on how much you pour.

The owner says registered customers will be asked to show their ID every time.

And when the customer leaves, their prepaid card will be deactivated for the rest of the day.

“Beer is one of those ways that we know is a gathering tool. People love to sit down and have a drink. In addition to specialty craft coffee we want to offer the same thing with specialty craft beers,” said owner Tommy Clark.

The shop currently offers four taps but hopes to expand to a 20-tap system soon.