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Do your kids suffer from anxiety?

How to spot the symptoms

ROANOKE, Va. – Anxiety is increasingly common in adults, and a local doctor is warning parents to look out for the signs in their children.

Dr. Lauren Good, a pediatrician at LewisGale Physicians, said that symptoms can be different in young kids and teens than in adults.

It’s more common in children with autism, ADHD or other behavioral issues. Even toddlers can be diagnosed with anxiety.

If children do have anxiety, they may get angry, have tantrums or have trouble sleeping and can experience physical symptoms, like frequent headaches or stomach pain.

“Young children don’t have the vocabulary to say ‘I’m anxious’ or ‘I’m nervous,’" said Dr. Good. "And so a lot of times they have that feeling in their gut that you can get when you’re anxious and they describe it as pain.”

Kids with anxiety may end up doing poorly in school, missing school days or isolating themselves.

If you’re concerned, talk to your child’s doctor because anxiety can be treated with counseling or medication.

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