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Longtime fan continues to sing along with local Elvis impersonator

ROANOKE, Va. – Libby Nelson just can’t help but sing along with Elvis.

She can recall lyrics from decades ago.

Which isn’t a surprise since you might say she was an Elvis superfan back in the day.

“Every time he’d come to roanoke I would go see him with a group,” said Nelson. “I wouldn’t miss Elvis.”\

And now, she wouldn’t miss her favorite Elvis impersonator, Taylor Rodriquez.

Libby and the other residents don’t have quite the same reaction they did 60 years ago...

“The cameras would flash and, of course, we’d hoop and holler when he came on stage,” said Nelson.

But they still look forward to singing, clapping and even dancing along to songs of old.

“I heard one family member in residence say that if you closed your eyes you’d almost think he was in the room,” said Nelson.

There’s a reason why Taylor Rodriquez has been crowned the No. 1 Elvis tribute artist by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

“It’s always great to give back to the community and to be able to perform for the people who have supported me from the beginning,” said Rodriguez.

Including many sitting in this very room.

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After working and going to school in Central Virginia for over five years, Lindsey’s made her way back home to the mountains.