Lynchburg again seeking public input before making trash changes

City will present public comments, proposed changes to City Council

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg wants to make changes to its trash collection but needs the public’s input.

City leaders are holding another meeting on Thursday to ask community members about what they think of the new proposed changes.

This comes after the city hired a consulting firm last year to help clean up neighborhoods and simplify its trash system.

City leaders said some changes could be made to bulk and brush pick-up days.

“For instance, if your trash is collected on Monday, you’d have a certain week of the month that you’d need to put out your brush and bulk. We would concentrate all our resources in that area to collect it. And we think that would be more efficient,” said Public Works Director Gaynelle Hart, public works director.

Hart said they will take what they’ve heard from the community and present the information and proposed changes to the city council later this month.