Roanoke City Council honors outgoing police chief Tim Jones for years of service

Jones ends career with 39 years as a Roanoke city officer

ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke’s police chief Tim Jones is closing in on his final days at the helm of the department. Jones will retire at the end of this month as the city continues to search for his replacement.

On Tuesday, Roanoke City Council honored Jones for his lifelong dedication to the city. His career began in February of 1981 and on January 31, Jones will see it to a close.

“I want to thank the city of Roanoke who has afforded me the front row seat to the greatest show on earth; that’s the human behavior component of being a police officer or someone in public safety,” Jones said.

Jones will end his career with 39 years of service, with about three years in charge after being named chief in 2017. Jones’ time as chief saw both highlights, and lowlights, but his bosses are pleased with his service.

“I know personally where your heart is and I can’t thank you enough for all that you have poured yourself into this community," said councilwoman Anita Price.

An interim chief will be named next month and the primary candidates for the job will come before the city manager in just a few days. The city said it has received more than 30 applications and filling Jones’ shoes will be tough to do.

“My point really is that you have earned your retirement, if there’s any question in anyone’s mind you have earned it, and I hope you enjoy it," said councilman Bill Bestpitch.

Jones was the city’s first crime analyst and was also a bike cop at one point. Looking back, he said he feels he’s leaving a positive impact.

“Walking away, knowing that in some small way, you’ve put into motion programs or initiatives that will make the city safer, make the organization better, and at the end of the day, everyone benefits from that," Jones said.

Jones and his family will still live in the Roanoke Valley.

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