‘It was a very crazy year’: God’s Pit Crew CEO reflects on organization’s work in 2019

God’s Pit Crew’s annual banquet began Thursday

DANVILLE, Va. – From rebuilding an elementary school in Oklahoma from the ground up destroyed by a flood and providing uniforms for a football team thanks to help from the family of three local brothers currently playing in the NFL to just recently sending supplies to earthquake victims in Puerto Rico, God’s Pit Crew CEO Randy Johnson describes the past year as crazy.

“(The school was the) biggest task we’ve ever taken on, had the shortest amount of time to do it,” Johnson said. “We have a second load (of supplies for Puerto Rico) available and we’re just working out the details now.”

God’s Pit Crew’s annual banquet began Thursday.

“It was a very crazy year, in a bad sense because so many people were affected, but in a good sense because we were able to bring more relief, more aid than we’ve ever been able to," Johnson said.

More volunteers than ever before helped the organization deliver millions of dollars worth of food, water and other relief supplies to people in need over the past year.


One experience in particular, though, at the school in Oklahoma stands out to Randy.

“One of the administrators at the school stopped me one day, put his head on my shoulder, and said, ‘Randy, I just want you to know that you all have restored my faith in Christians.’ For me, there could be any higher compliment," he said.