Amherst town police move into their new home

Officers move into old Charlie’s Chicken on West Court Street

AMHERST, Va. – The Amherst Town Police Department finally has a building of its own and it's boosting moral and giving officers a sense of pride.

Officers recently moved into the old Charlie’s Chicken building on West Court Street.

For years, the department made up of six officers, including the chief, have worked their cases in the Town Hall building.

They had to share the same office and desk space.

County leaders say it cost $248,000 to renovate the building.

Police Chief Bobby Shiflett gave 10 News a tour on Monday.

“It was hard to move around, now that I have this. I have access where my reports in my own file cabinets here. We shared a file cabinet over there,” Officer Brandon Payne said

Shiflett said it’s nice to call it home.

“The guys have a sense of pride (and) ownership; whereas before you didn't have anything to call your own,” Shiflett said. “Having a police department it brings a more professional look. The citizens out to be proud. We are here for them.”

He said they are in the process of digitizing their paper files and hope to hire a receptionist in the future.

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