Four hurt in nine car pileup on Route 220 in Henry County

Truck driver faces reckless driving charges

Nine car pile-up in Henry County
Nine car pile-up in Henry County (BTW21)

HENRY COUNTY – Four people were taken to a hospital after a crash in Henry County and a 21-year-old truck driver is facing charges, according to state police.

State police say a box truck was driving north on Route 220 when it merged into the right turn lane. Several cars were waiting to turn right onto Drewry Mason School Road when the truck sideswiped five cars. The box truck then pushed a sixth car off the right side of the road and stopped against an embankment, according to state police.

The box truck then hit the back of a seventh car in the turn late. It caused a chain reaction where the seventh car hit two other cars stopped in the turn lane.

In total, nine cars were involved in the crash.

Four drivers were taken to a nearby hospital, but they are expected to be OK.

The driver of the box truck, William Leonard, 21, of Winston Salem, North Carolina, was not hurt and wearing a seat belt during the crash. He’s charged with reckless driving and failing to maintain control of the vehicle.