Dean of Students rides through halls on hoverboard

Roanoke County seniors raised the money to make it happen

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – One administrator’s unique way of patrolling the halls is bringing more fun to this high school.

“Alright, let’s get on to class now,” Joe Jablonski said as he herded high schoolers in the halls of Hidden Valley High School. “Start heading on everybody, move it, move it, move it.”

Jablonski does his job as the Dean of Students on a hoverboard.

“It actually started as a joke,” said Matthew Duncan, a Hidden Valley High School senior.

“We came up with a shirt idea which was the ‘Jablonski took my hat’ shirt because he’s notorious for taking hats so it was funny,” explained Iryan Sisson, a Hidden Valley High School senior.

For three seniors, the t-shirt idea spiraled into a bigger plan of selling the popular shirts for profit.

“It was a big joke we heard at the beginning of the year. ‘What if Jablonski was riding on a hoverboard?’ We can actually make this a reality,” said Duncan.

One day in November, they surprised him with his very own hoverboard.

“This is like Christmas every single day. How often does an administrator, teacher or anybody else get a hoverboard that they can scoot around the school? That never happens,” said Jablonski. “In these hallways, you can go zoom and it’s nuts. The kids, they get out of the way.”

“You can tell every day when he comes in and steps on the hoverboard he’s like, ‘I get to be the dean of students on a hoverboard this is amazing!’” said Sisson.

“It feels great that we could do something so big and bring everyone together and really have the spirit of Hidden Valley,” said Duncan.

Jablonski plans to ride the hoverboard for as long as he can but says he doesn’t do it every day so it’s more fun when the students see him on it.

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