Roanoke County family set to compete on the Today Show for trip to Japan

The family made a music video to enter the contest for a free trip

ROANOKE CO., Va. – A Roanoke County family is in New York on Wednesday hoping to win a trip to Japan after their daughter who entered an online contest.

You can find out if the Downie family wins because they’ll be featured on the Today Show on Wednesday morning!

Victoria Downie is the ultimate Mario & Nintendo fan! It all started when her mom brought home a Nintendo Wii.

“I fell in love with Nintendo’s storytelling, how they structure their games and the quirky characters. Everything’s so colorful,” said Downie, a junior at Cave Spring High School.

“It was something that we could all do together. We would all pop on the couch and play video games together, spend time together and have a common interest,” said Tricia Downie, Victoria’s mom, who played video games during study breaks with her then boyfriend, who turned out to be her husband.

“We’ve been blessed with a couple of great kids. As a parent, it’s been easy to allow them to play video games as a reward. They help out around the house. They volunteer at their churches. They have a great group of friends. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to share with them,” said Alan Downie.

Victoria’s bedroom is full of things out of video games.

One part of that is her 36 amiibos. For those who may have no idea what an amiibo is, it’s a real-life figurine that can be scanned and imported to be used in certain Nintendo games.

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