New online service connects Roanoke’s churches to children in crisis

ROANOKE, Va. – Churches now have a new way to help children at risk.

CarePortal, a digital service that connects churches with children in need, is now online in Roanoke. It notifies churches of hard situations, such as families without beds or clothes, and allows members to donate directly to them.

Roanoke Director of Social Services Steven Nelson believes CarePortal will fill a crucial gap in caring for children and families.

“There’s such need in Roanoke. I’ve grown up in the faith community and saw the opportunity to partner with them with this,” Nelson said. “Sometimes, we struggle making the connections between what government does and the faith community.”

Roanoke is the first municipality in Virginia to use the CarePortal system. It is scheduled to launch in Bedford on March 25 and in Lynchburg in May.

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