What’s new this Girl Scouts Cookie season

Deadline to order cookies is March 15th

ROANOKE, Va. – Here’s what you need to know before you make your Girl Scouts cookie orders.

First, there are two new cookies this year: Lemon-ups, lemon cookies baked with encouraging messages, and Toffee-tastic, a gluten-free cookie.

Now if you’re not sure where a nearby troop will be selling, Girl Scouts have a cookie locator that tells you locations and times. You can also order cookies online. Click here to get more information.

When you buy a box of cookies, proceeds stay local and fund the troop you buy your cookies from.

Girl Scout Cookies are not only the number one youth fundraiser in the world but the program also teaches each girl entrepreneurship, leadership, teamwork and planning skills.

You can find fun recipes that feature Girl Scouts Cookies here.

For more information on Girl Scouts and its mission, click here.

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