Roanoke Democrats go all in for their candidates during Democratic debate

Warren and Buttigieg host individual watch parties downtown

ROANOKE, Va. – The late-night primetime start for Wednesday Democratic debate did not deter people from coming out to support their candidate, as both groups for Warren and Buttigieg gathered together. And both groups felt confident about their candidate’s performance.

The crowd at Three Notch’d for Buttigieg didn’t hang onto every word spoken, but paid close attention to everything that was said. Organizer Jackie Moon was impressed that a few dozen people came out.

“I think especially here in Roanoke, people are really interested, involved and want to be engaged," Moon said.

As the field narrows on the way to one candidate, most Democrats have already made their choice. The Buttigieg supporters feel Mayor Pete from South Bend is the man for the job.

“He’s fielded a lot of attacks already and as always he responds just with a poise," Moon said.

Across the street at 202 Social House, Elizabeth Warren’s supporters said she knocked it out of the park. It was a smaller group, but they said that means nothing about her chances.

“Elizabeth is killing it, I’m glad to see it, she’s pointing out why she is unique among the candidates," Mark Lazar said.

Buttigieg and Warren sit in the middle of the pack, there were no watch parties for front runner Bernie Sanders and runner up Joe Biden. And as third-place Michael Bloomberg announced Wednesday that other candidates need to drop out so he can defeat Sanders, the Roanoke supporters said they’re not going anywhere.

“It’s not over so nobody is going to drop out, people are going to have to contend for the nomination, he’s going to have to show that he’s capable of holding his own," Lazar said.

Most people that spoke with 10 News said they will still support the Democratic nominee even if their candidate loses.

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