Bill inspired by Roanoke domestic violence victim passes Virginia legislature

The proposal assists victims looking for housing

ROANOKE, Va. – A bill, inspired by a Roanoke woman, has passed the Virginia legislature.

Under the bill, landlords would not be able to deny housing to domestic abuse victims because of their credit.

The Senate passed it unanimously and now it just needs the governor’s approval in order to become law in the commonwealth.

Kiesha Preston asked Del. Sam Rasoul to sponsor the bill. She said she struggled with finding housing for her and her kids after her partner abused her.

She believes the bill empowers people to leave abusive relationships because housing and finances can be a roadblock.

Preston said there’s national attention on the issue and that she’s going to D.C. next month to speak in a Congressional briefing.

“It feels amazing to see that the bill that I helped write here in Virginia is potentially helping people nationwide," she said.

She said other domestic abuse victims have reached out to her, saying they saw the original 10 News story in December and are hopeful this bill can help other victims.