‘I was just doing my job’: Danville sheriff’s deputy recognized for saving woman’s life

Deputy presented with award from sheriff Friday

DANVILLE, Va. – Cpl. Sam Hamlett spoke humbly Friday of his actions on Feb. 4 when he went to the home of a woman who didn’t show up for jury duty to check on her.

“I heard the lady holler out, ‘Help! I’m in the floor,” Hamlett recalled. "When I went in, I addressed the situation. I asked her what had happened, asked her if she could move any part of her body. She said she couldn’t.”

He found out a few days later when he checked on her that she was having a stroke when he found her.

On Friday afternoon, Danville Sheriff Mike Mondul presented Hamlett with an award.

Mondul said Hamlett’s effort is just one example of what law enforcement officers do every day.

“I’m pretty convinced he helped at least save her from partial paralysis and perhaps her life, so we’re real proud of him,” said Mondul.

The woman was still in rehab Friday, so she was not able to be at the ceremony.

Hamlett said she was not back to 100 percent just yet, but she was recovering.

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