Supporters in Virginia celebrate Biden victory

Campaign staffers say the win shows Biden is the best candidate to take the nomination

RICHMOND, Va. – Joe Biden supporters say his win in Virginia Tuesday showed he’s the best candidate for the Democratic nomination.

Supporters at an official campaign watch party in Richmond cheered loudly as the news broke. They had gathered at Metro Bar and Grill, a location in the Fan, along with campaign staffers, state lawmakers and Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney.

It was a moment that these supporters had worked so hard for, as many have helped the Biden campaign reach Virginia voters.

“It’s a sweeping victory. It’s a strong victory. It demonstrates the strength of our campaign and the movement that we’re building to take down Donald Trump.” said Fernando Mercado, the Biden campaign’s Virginia director.

Staffers say this shows that the former vice president has momentum, and they believe winning in Virginia is a signal that he can take the nomination.

“I’m feeling really great," Mercado said. “A resounding, solid victory here in the commonwealth.”

The staff says that the win in Virginia shows Biden is strong in states with diversity.

Analysts note that Virginia tends to favor more moderate Democrats, pointing to a tough road for Sen. Bernie Sanders to have come out on top.

But Biden campaign staffers are emphasizing that, more and more, they’re hearing from voters that their candidate would be best positioned to defeat President Trump in the general election.