Lynchburg women expand new healthy, fruity invention into Whole Foods stores

Live Pure Smoothie Cubes now available at Whole Foods in Charlottesville, Richmond, DC area

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The hard work for Tiffany Tatom and her business partner Mary have finally paid off.

Their creation, Smoothie Cubes, are now available in freezers at Whole Foods locations in Charlottesville, Richmond and in the Washington, D.C. area.

“So they said if you can get five stores to endorse you. Meaning the head manager of the store said we want Live Pure Smoothie Cubes then we’ll bring you in. So, we did that. We got the endorsements. And now a year later we’re finally launched and we’re excited,” Tatom said.

The two Lynchburg women created Live Pure, their smoothie food company, back in 2017.

“We found out that everyone wants to be healthy. Everyone’s trying to do the right thing. Everyone wants to feel good, but it’s really hard,” explained Tatom.

Wanting to help people eat healthier with quicker option, the health coaches created a one-inch square frozen cube that holds six to 12 ingredients made with local fruits and vegetables.

“When we were launching it, it took a whole extra six months pretty much for us to be able to put the USDA certification. That was really important to us as health coaches,” Tatom said.

You can blend or shake the cubes with a liquid of choice to either drink or eat out of a bowl.

And they come in different flavors as well.

Tatom said they are still working to expand.

They already have Smoothie Cube bags at the University of Lynchburg and Centra hospitals.

The next step is hotels, which will be an even bigger partner to add to their inventory.

“Reasons why a lot of the universities and these hotels are working with us because we have zero food waste,” Tatom said.

Live Pure started a partnership with Elon University and launched with Wake Forest University this week.