Lea seeks reelection in Roanoke

Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea will face former mayor David Bowers in November

Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea launches re-election campaign
Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea launches re-election campaign

ROANOKE, Va. – It’s official -- Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea wants to get re-elected for another four years, and voters’ choice in November could be framed as deciding to keep the city going in its current direction, or shake things up.

At Friday's announcement event at Roanoke’s Berglund Center, local business owners and democratic party members spoke in support of Lea, praising him for listening to all parts of the community and calling him one of the best mayors Roanoke has ever had.

Lee backs the city’s decisions during his tenure and his record as mayor, but his only confirmed opponent does not.

Former mayor David Bowers is running as an independent, saying he doesn’t feel that city council members have listened to the people. 10 News outlined 10 of his ideas for change last month.