‘A minor setback for a major comeback’: Roanoke boy facing new hurdles as he battles a flesh-eating bacteria

Camden Burnett turned 15 months old this weekend

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – A 15-month-old Roanoke boy is fighting for his life after contracting a rare, flesh-eating bacteria.

Camden Burnett turned 15 months old this weekend.

“He loves to play. He’s so happy all the time,” explained his mother, Chrissy Robertson.

“You never see him without a smile on his face,” said his mother, Miranda Robertson.

Two weeks ago, Camden lost that smile.

“We were running around playing and now I’m wondering if this is how it's going to end,” Miranda said.


His mothers said Camden’s sickness came out of nowhere. He contracted a rare disease called necrotizing fasciitis which is eating away at the flesh and tissue in his head, neck and lungs.

He flatlined at Roanoke Memorial Hospital and was airlifted to UVA Medical Center, where he’s been since.

Camden on March 2, 2020. He had a drain in his head, which was stapled shut and his throat was cut ear to ear.
Camden on March 2, 2020. He had a drain in his head, which was stapled shut and his throat was cut ear to ear. (Christina Robertson)

“All I could do is pray,” recalled Chrissy.

“It’s not something a mother should ever have to deal with or see,” said Miranda.

Camden had been showing signs of progress until this weekend when his infection returned.

“Now it’s just like rewinding the tape all the way back to day one,” said Miranda.

“We’re supposed to be tough, but yesterday, I finally broke. I just cried like a baby because I hate seeing him go through that all over again. He was just getting better,” Chrissy said. “We can’t hold him, we can’t console him.”

“We went back to Feb. 26 when we got here. We started all over,” Miranda said. “We were supposed to be able to hold him tomorrow.”

Now, after 12 surgeries in two weeks, they’re not sure when they’ll be able to hold their son again.

Camden’s doctors aren’t sure what his future looks like, but they do know the road to recovery will be long.

“How much further down the road are we going to get with progress just to get the rug yanked out from under us?” said Miranda.

“I would give anything for him to be able to just talk to us or let us hold him or just console him, anything,” said Chrissy.

Miranda and Chrissy said they’re facing the unimaginable uphill battle with family and faith.

“A minor setback for a major comeback,” Miranda said.

A GoFundMe page set up to help the family with medical expenses has already raised nearly $8,500.

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