Five-pound rock crashes through windshield, driver dies in Nelson County amid reports of rock-throwing

NELSON COUNTY, Va. – Authorities are investigating several rock-throwing incidents they say may be related in Nelson County.

The Virginia State Police says it has received reports of a person or multiple people throwing rocks at vehicles. A fatal crash nearby may be connected, as it involved a large rock inside a vehicle.

A five-pound rock crashed through a vehicle’s windshield on Mar. 1 on Route 151 (Patrick Henry Highway). State police responded to the single-vehicle crash and say the rock was most likely the cause of the driver’s death. Police say the driver was Veronica Jones, 58, of Lynchburg. The crash is still under investigation.

On Saturday, a driver reported large rocks being thrown at his vehicle in the 700 block of Gunter Hollow Lane. The driver in this incident wasn’t hurt. This incident happened about two miles east of the fatality on Route 151 on Mar. 1.

State police have learned of other, similar incidents reported recently and are working with the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office on the investigation.

Anyone with information about the rock-throwing incidents in Nelson County is asked to call 434-352-7128 or email

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