Celebrating Pi Day gluten and nut free

Corbin’s Confections makes allergy-friendly and vegan crust pies and pizza for Pi Day

SALEM, Va. – Food allergies or a vegan lifestyle shouldn’t limit you from enjoying Pi Day’s tasty festivities.

Corbin’s Confections is a gluten-free and nut-free bakery in downtown Salem. Bakers make anything from donuts, to scones, to even custom cakes for special occasions that people with the top eight food allergies can enjoy. But this Saturday will be a little different.

In honor of the mathematics constant, 3.14159265359 known as pi, Saturday March 14th the bakery’s ovens will be filled with pies.

10 News reporter Megan Woods spent Thursday morning learning how owner Shana Brown, owner of Corbin’s Confections, makes sure those with food allergies don’t get left out.

Brown shares her personal passion behind allergy-friendly foods as she prepares the pie crust for the pan. You can hear her story here.

Then she explains why the ingredients of the pie’s filling is just as important for people with food allergies. Click here for a look.

While that pie is in the oven the two work on a pizza with a vegan crust. Brown actually sells the vegan pie crust so you can make a pizza at home.

After all the hard work in the kitchen, they have a taste test.

For more information on Corbin’s Confections and some of the treats they bake, click here.

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