Danville officials holding weekly meetings to prepare for the coronavirus

Latest meeting held Thursday

DANVILLE, Va. – City officials across the state, including some in our area, continue to make sure they are ready to respond to the coronavirus.

A meeting was held in Danville on Thursday.

City department heads and local first responders met with representatives from Pittsylvania County, Sovah Health and the Danville Life Saving Crew.

Among other topics, they discussed how to continue essential operations if lots of people get sick and there is a shortage of workers.

“Each department is submitting to me, and has been submitting to me, their plan should they have fewer employees available to get to work. So we have options available with moving shifts around, modifying shifts, asking people to perform duties they may not necessarily always perform," said Danville City Manager Ken Larking.

The city plans to hold these meetings at least once a week for as long as necessary.