Lynchburg Business Alliance helping local business owners to stay afloat during coronavirus outbreak

Officials held a webinar to help connect business owners to resources

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg Business Alliance is helping local business owners find the right resources to stay afloat during the coronavirus outbreak.

Christine Kennedy, the group’s chief operating officer, said they’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to handle the impact.

To practice social distancing, the group held a webinar for more than 800 of its members and answer their questions as well as offer resources.

Right now, business leaders say restaurants and the hospitality industry as a whole are seeing an immediate impact.

They’re keeping their eyes on larger organizations like supply chain companies.

“The overall goal is to end on the other side of this with as minimal impact as possible and come back stronger,” Kennedy said.

Officials said they’ll update business owners on their website and social media as things change.