Some gyms remain open while practicing social distancing

CrossFit Lynchburg limits class size, asking members to wash hands before and after workouts

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Some gyms in our area are staying open despite the spread of the coronavirus.

Before Gov. Ralph Northam and President Donald Trump announced limits on meeting sizes, CrossFit Lynchburg had already done that.

It’s cut its class size to half.

Jerrod Ruhl, the gym’s owner, is asking people to wash their hands before and after a workout, wipe down their equipment, and the coaches are signing people in to limit contact.

On Thursday, people worked out outside while keeping their distance from each other.

Ruhl said he’s taken steps to hire a company to disinfect the entire building.

“I’ve had several people come up to me and say thank you so much for being open. You’re the only thing I’m going to really do today, is come to the gym. So, we really felt like it’s just a safe place to be when you take those kinds of measures,” Ruhl said.

CrossFit Lynchburg says will also offer workouts online for its members.