Henry County improving its meal delivery process for students

School district consolidating where meals are being prepared

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – Keeping kids fed while schools are closed because of the coronavirus is proving to be a learning experience for area school districts.

After a somewhat chaotic beginning Wednesday, Henry County Public Schools’ meal delivery process was much improved Friday.

A big change has been the number of schools meals are prepared at.

On Wednesday, meals were prepared at all 14 schools, but on Friday, the work had been consolidated to nine schools.

“Our cafeteria staff members who don’t all work in the same cafeteria have come together at several of our schools to really make sure that they are packaging things and working as efficiently as they can to support the bus drivers,” said Monica Hatchett with Henry County Public Schools.

That efficiency and support is important as more and more families learn about the deliveries.

“We are expecting about 400 more kids to get food delivery today than we did on Wednesday,” said Hatchett.

While more kids may mean more challenges, it also means more opportunities to put a smile on the faces of children in need.

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