Virginia SOL testing will ‘likely’ be canceled due to coronavirus

Virginia Department of Education to file testing waivers next month

RICHMOND, Va. – The Virginia Department of Education is taking action to possibly cancel Standards of Learning (SOL) testing because of the coronavirus.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. James Lane announced during a Board of Education meeting Friday he would file testing waivers with the state and federal government next month. The waivers would allow the Department of Education to bypass SOLs.

“This briefing is intended to prepare for the possibility that there would be no SOLs this year, and make sure the board is aware of all of the requirements that need to be completed with the feds, as well as the Governor and the Legislature," Lane said during the meeting.

The announcement had been planned before the U.S. Department of Education expedited its process for states to apply for waivers.

Virginia’s school year shut down in the middle of SOLs. Lane anticipates schools will remain closed for much longer and hopes the waivers can ease the pressure for students and parents.

“We’ve made significant progress with the waivers," Lane said. "Probably the primary goal at the department is to care for students, care for families, and care for staff.”

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