’We’re all learning on the fly’: Clerk of Court offices continue service despite coronavirus concerns

Staff has option to stay home

SALEM, Va. – The coronavirus has shut down businesses, events, and everything in between, but it has not stopped some branches of local government.

A slew of clerk of court offices, including at Roanoke County Circuit Court, are continuing to operate.

Roanoke County Clerk of Court Steve McGraw said his office is still fully staffed because it handles important timely documents such as birth and death certificates. However, he said he is prepared to reduce staff or eliminate in-person visits if the coronavirus spreads into Roanoke County.

“This is unprecedented. It’s extremely unusual," McGraw said. "I’ve been here over 28 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this before. We’re all learning on the fly.”

McGraw said he has given staffers the option to stay home if they feel unsafe coming into work.

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